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A Necessary Evil


We will be at EVIL EXPO 2021.  Join us there for a Villainous time!

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A Necessary Evil where you can find everything from discussions on the nature of evil to tips to begin your own journey into villainy, discussions with evil aligned individuals on fictional villains to villain ideas for TTRPGs.

The podcast is produced on location in Dr Discord’s Secret Lair. Dr. Discord graduated from The Higher Institute of Evil Education (H.I.V.E) with a Villain Sciences degree.

He is very fond of jellybeans, knock knock jokes, and unicorn tears.

Dr. Discord


Shpanky (Minion 1)

Spanky, however, officially known by the government as Candice, is Dr. Discord’s longtime partner, #1 Minion, and surprisingly “good” better half.
By day, she is a certified child wrangler, (she affectionately refers to herself as a “Hell’s Gatekeeper”) and by night, she assists Dr. Discord with everything behind the scenes, and occasionally joins him on the show.

A native of central California, Spanky has lived in many places all over the world, but is now settled in South Central Pennsylvania. While she is a self-proclaimed “do-gooder,” Spanky also loves everything odd, macabre, and weird. She is also more-than-slightly obsessed with the TV show, Supernatural. When she isn’t caring for others’ spawns or trying to subliminally convince Dr. Discord to be “good,” she enjoys binging horror movies, drawing portraits, making weird jewellery, graphic design, and spending time with Dr. Discord and their tiny humans.

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